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Corona de Tucson, AZ, Fire Station Renovation

Submitted by: Amber Richter Ferguson

Due to a growing community, expanding staff, and an aging building, Fire Station 1 in Corona de Tucson, AZ is in need of a major renovation. When discussing the desired changes with the firefighters they expressed a love for the warmth of the existing space and pride in their home away from home. The overall goal is to increase the efficiency of the kitchen, and create a more functional seating area while preserving the warmth and pay homage to the fireman’s pride using Daltile finishes.

The proposed changes are vibrant, exciting and sophisticated. Daltile products are used in the space both aesthetically and functionally for durability and to create texture, diffuse light, and retain visual interest. This space will last the firefighters of Corona De Tucson another twenty years!

Full Name

Amber R. Ferguson

College / University

Southwest University of Visual Arts

Project Description

This is a proposed renovation of a fire station kitchen for the Daltile scholarship competition.

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